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Established 1978

Kenpo Creed

"I Come To You With Only Karate, Empty Hands, I Have No Weapons, but Should I be Forced to Defend Myself, My Principles or My Honor, Should it be a Matter of Life or Death, of Right or Wrong, Then Here Are My Weapons, Karate, My Empty Hands."

-- Ed Parker

Bill Grossman's School of Kenpo Karate is a qualified school of the Kenpo Karate System, the American martial art which is based upon the best overall aspects of Asian martial systems. Besides practical self defense, hand and weapons form training, we also offer health and fitness conditioning, competition and sparring training.

Why Kenpo? - Kenpo is a practical form of self defense that is effective and utilizes kicking and hand techniques.  Concept of Kenpo include blocking and counterstrikes to vital organs and pressure points with linear and circular strikes and  intermittent bursts of speed and power.  Kenpo teaches one to defend against multiple attackers in real life situations.

Karate for Children - We offer three programs for children.

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Workshops - Master Professor Grossman is available for seminars, workshops and woman's self defense classes.  For more information, contact [email protected].

Earning a Black Belt - Paul Delson, First Degree Black Belt, tells his story!

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