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About Master Professor Bill Grossman

Bill Grossman began his training in the Kenpo Karate System in November 1971, under the instruction of Senior Grandmaster Rick Alemany, then a 3rd degree black belt. After five years of hard work, Grossman earned the rank of student black belt.

Later, in 1978, Grossman started teaching, while continuing his studies with Sr Grandmaster Alemany. He currently holds the rank of 9th degree black belt in the Kenpo Karate system and a teaching certificate in Modern Arnis (Filipino stick fighting) from the systems founder, Professor Remy Presas. In addition to Kenpo and Arnis, Grossman also teaches Iaido (Japanese Sword) and Wing Chun Kung-Fu weapons: Bo, Chinese Broad Sword, Tonfa and Kamas.

Promotion of Master Professor Bill Grossman to 9th Degree Black Belt by Senior Grand Master Alemany.

Some of Grossman's achievements are:

  • 1981 CKL (California Karate League) Competitor of the Year in Chinese forms
  • 1982 CKL Official of the Year
  • 1983 CKL Competitor of the Year in the Weapons Division
  • 1983 Outstanding Martial Artist from the Yon Do Won Association
  • 1987 and 1990 Competitor of the Year from A.M.A.P.A (Affiliated Martial Arts Promotors Association) in Senior Kata and Weapons Divisions

Of the 500 Plus Black Belt Trophies Grossman has earned, some of his best accomplishments are:

  • Forms Grand Champion of the Super Star Nationals 1983 and 1984
  • The Golden Gate Karate Championship
  • The South Bay Kajukenbo Martial Arts Open
  • Tournament, Grasso's 1986 Martial Arts Open
  • Tournament, Hydes First Annual Championship
  • 1990 A.M.A.P.A. Nationals
  • The 8th Annual Fall Karate Classic

Master Professor Bill Grossman with his U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award.

Grossman also placed first at the San Francisco Championship, West Coast Nationals, Top Ten Nationals, Ralph Castro's Championship of Marin, and Karate Ways Nationals. On the National Circuit, Grossman has placed at the Battle of Atlanta, Lama Nationals, Chicago Illinois, The Diamond Nationals, Minneapolis Minnesota, World Karate Championships, Tacoma Washington, and the Kenwood Championship, Orlando Florida.

Mr. Grossman was rated #3 in forms and weapons in Region Two (California and Nevada). In 1984, Grossman was rated #4 nationally by Karate Illustrated Magazine in the Senior Forms Division. More recently, Grossman was rated #2 in Senior Open Forms and #1 in Senior Weapons (Southwest Conference) and #3 nationally by the National Black Belt League in Senior Open Forms and Weapons.

Mr. Grossman was the previous promoter of three annual tournaments:

  • The Gold Coast Karate Classic
  • The California Battle of Champions
  • The Cable Car Karate Challenge

On August 7, 2004, Mr. Grossman was inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame, in the category of Pioneer Award.