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Here are a few comments about our school:

Dear Master Professor and Professor,

I wanted to thank you as well as all other current and former teachers for the training that I received from your school starting in 1987 at the age of 14. I was truly lucky to find my way to your school. Although I have left the school as life has taken other directions, the school has stayed within me. Not only from a self-defense aspect but everything that we do on daily basis, your teachings have stayed with me over the years and as always look forward to returning one day.

There are so many schools nowadays that it may be difficult for a new student or family to chose a school as it seems they are at every street corner. I believe that is what separates your school from others. It is the philosophy, discipline, honor, and respect of the Kenpo Karate System that you instill in us from a very young age that stays with us as adults to not only protect us but guide us in life's challenges. I consider both of you as family as always and am a student for life. Thank You."

Christos Volikakis
1st Degree Brown Belt
Filmmaker and Small Business Owner

Dear M.P. and Professor,

Thank you, for having such a WONDERFUL SCHOOL and for all you have taught Nana. You guys are really great!

Nana's Family

Hello, Professor and Simu,

My Name is Eric Diaz, I used to be a student of yours about 10 years ago. I just wanted to write and say "Hello" since it's been so long. I also wanted to let you know that I still haven't forgotten the lessons learned so long ago in the Dojo. Lessons of Self-Discipline, Respect, and Honor. My Father says He speaks with You on occasion when He is in the area. I don't know if He told You that I joined the U.S. Army after High School. Well, I've been in the Army for over three years and believe me, some of your lessons have helped tremendously. Especially when I was in Basic Combat Training. I was able to almost seamlessly integrate the Army Values ( Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self-Less Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage) into my life, and I credit that to You Guys. Currently I am Deployed in Iraq and will be here until August 2008. My military contract has Me in the service until July 2009, after which I plan to move back to the Bay Area and start training in your Dojo under You, if You will take me back. I have never lost interest in Martial Arts and especially Kenpo. My wife also has a strong interest in Kenpo. Maybe it's because when the subject of Martial Arts comes up, I always make sure to mention your school and how awesome it was. I also have a two year old son who I hope will be as enthusiastic as I am about Martial Arts when we move back to the Bay ( He'll be four years old). Well, I hope that You remember me in two years when I return and I look forward to hearing from You soon.

Specialist Eric Diaz
U.S. Army Military Police

Dear Professor and Simu,

I would like to thank you both for being such caring and great teachers for my grandson Kyle. He has so much more confidence not only in Karate but in school as well. His grades have come up to A's for the first time and I am sure coming to Karate and having such great teachers has contributed to his success.

This is so good for children's of all ages. I sit and watch the class 4 times per week, sometimes for 2 hours at a time. The students demonstrate such great confidence and discipline. This is all done by Professor, Simu and the instructors.

Thank you, so much, you are both very special people.

-- Rosslyn, grandparent

"Johnie received an excellent report card from his teacher recently. The teacher wrote his comments on the last page of the report card, stating that Johnie was a very "self-motivated" and "self-disciplined" young man. I would like to credit you with allot of that. I feel that Johnie's motivation and the majority of his self-discipline is due to your school, your methods of teaching and the excellent examples you both set."

-- Connie Heinze, parent

"Ryan has been a student at your school for five years. Over the years we have noticed that he has achieved a greater sense of himself and increased self confidence. We are proud of his dedication to this sport and his commitment to earning a black belt before he graduates from high school. Thank you for all you have done to assist him in becoming a successful student."

-- Susan Jahansooz, parent of three students

"I would like to thank Professor, Simu and all of the staff at Bill Grossman's School of Kenpo Karate, for the training you have given my son David Ayala. Through the years I have watched my son grow into a self assured young man, and I know this is due in part to his participation in the karate program at your school. During tournaments, David has won many trophies, and in doing so, his self confidence has motivated him to excel in many other areas of his life. I feel that being in Professor's class has given this inner city kid the opportunity to experience life in a positive way.

-- Clarisa Ayala, A Loving Mother